Friday, May 28, 2010


Today was the day I wanted to go and counterprotest that evil, tiny "church" of Westborough that is coming to Portland to picket all the synogogues. I wanted the Jews to know that I love them and that these fools do not represent Christianity. My husband forbade me. He said the police asked that nobody come and the best way to deal with these fools is to ignore them. It's hard when the press makes such a big deal about such a tiny number of people. Why? And who is paying for these people to fly around the country? My husband thinks it may be a homosexual group giving them money, betting they will end up raising more money and sympathy for them. So... I am resentfully staying home.
That reminds me of the time my son told me just before he went to play a football game in a tiny town that the tiny town's school coach headed up the local KKK, and my son's team had been racially heckled the last time they played there. I got fierce lion roaring mad and said I was going with them and if anybody said anything about my beautiful son they were going to hear from me! His eyes got wide and he pleaded with me not to go. Okay, fine. The game turned out to be quiet because the association told the school they would have nobody to play football with if they ever heckled like that again. And they would be banned forever. Better than me yelling.

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