Monday, May 24, 2010

Atlas Shrugged

I am reading the longest book in the whole world. I did not think Moby Dick was too long. I did not think Lord of the Rings was too long. Atlas Shrugged is way, way too long. The characters lecture each other over and over and, ahem, repeatedly. Just in case we don't get it the first or third or twelfth time. So I am interested in quirks by the writer: it is important and a matter of principle to wear expensive clothes. Slim equals good. Fat equals bad. Thanks a lot, anexoric Ayn Rand. High word count of violent, violence, serene, suffer, values, principles, motion, looters etc. There's a strain of sado-masochism in the sex, which puzzles me. My husband and I like each other and like sex, but not once have we thought S&M would add anything worthwhile to the practice.
This book exemplifies the basis of the libertarian party, and preaches a lot of what I can agree with, and preaches a lot of appalling morals. Except for two children so far, all the very few children seen are feral rats. Everyone in the government is a fleshy feral rat. I suppose that because it is a morality play there is no character development beyond the type needed in each space in the plot. One thing I like is the adoration given to the industrialists. I need to remember that she lived through the communist takeover of Russia and saw how they used language, and how they destroyed all viable means of production. She is warning us how that happens in this book.

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