Saturday, November 21, 2015


So, I was having a good time at Orycon37 in the Marriot Hotel. Two hours before my shift at the Northwest Independent Writer's Association, (trying to sell along with a lot of other books, my Shatterworld) my back began to hurt. I did not want to be in agony during my two hour shift. The only way I can make my back stop hurting is to lie flat on my back for a while. There wasn't any space behind the NIWA table in the dealer's room. There were too many people in both the art and dealer rooms. I didn't want to be in anybody's way. So I did what I wasn't supposed to do. I ducked behind one of black curtains that means this side is hall and this side is staff and stacked furniture.
I lay back on the carpet well out of everybody's way, closed my eyes, and mentally worked on a chapter for a book in the Tales of Talifar series, and had figured out a way to add some tension. I may have dozed off.
I woke up and there were six faces looking down at me. I sat up, saying "What? What?"
A paramedic asked me, What is your name? Do you know where you are? Who is the president?"
After I passed the test, I told the concerned group who had thought I had fainted, "I'm leaving now." and escaped back to the dealer's room.
After my shift and after the costume contest I went up to the NIWA party room, which wasn't open yet. So I lay down pressed against the wall next to the door, and like Granny Weatherwax, I put a sign on me that read, I AIN'T DEAD, and rested my back again.

Monday, November 16, 2015

A Review at Breakpoint!

I'm so pleased that an organization I appreciate posted a review of Shatterworld:

Saturday, November 7, 2015

A post by Jeff Gerke

This post on Facebook by Jeff Gerke made me happy

I love my job. Being a freelance editor of fiction is amazing. I get to work on tremendous stories with unforgettable characters written by dazzling authors, experienced and new.
Plus I get to have a hand in the formation of their stories.
I love working in all genres, from chick-lit to Regency to Westerns to cozies to rom-coms to historicals. But it's no secret that I get a special joy from working on speculative fiction. And the weirder the better!
Right now I'm working with a client whose speculative fiction is exactly the kind of thing I love. I won't give her initials, but her name is Lelia Rose Foreman.
As I'm editing her marvelous seafaring fantasy--sort of Mowgli meets Treasure Island meets John Carter of Mars--I find myself writing delightfully baffling (to others) notes like this:
Why wouldn't Bowmark use the staffshifter to release the Spitter hosts from their misery by letting the ichor of the eggs spread onto the temple floor? Would it hinder the Labarynthine warriors as they attempted to overthrow the Driddion queens?
Ah, heaven!
Seriously, this is the sort of transport, the kind of "Whoa, I've never seen THIS before," I looked for in the books I chose to publish at Marcher Lord Press.
So thank you, all novelists with whom I have worked--and those of you who will work with me in the future--for writing your fiction and for letting me join you in these brilliant worlds and stories and people. I love you all!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

An Interview of me in The Drunken Druid

Here's an interview:!blogger-feed/c1st1/post/7045701230235962861