Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Divine Wedgie: Bonaventure for Environmentalists

The Divine Wedgie: Bonaventure for Environmentalists: In a previous post , reference was made to the necessity for the Christian to be concerned for the environment, whilst at the same time b...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review of Double Vision by Randall Ingermanson

I enjoyed this thriller by Randy. AND. One of the protagonists has Asperger's Syndrome. AND. He is not the butt of a bazillion jokes. AND. Two women fall in love with him, one by a natural process, and the other by the stress induced by running from corporate killers. Two women. In love with an aspie. I admit it induced some giggles in me since for some of us spectrum folk the problem is the screaming as women run away from the aspie men. I also felt some exasperation as the women thought about his calmness and broad shoulders and how that was a comfort in the crisis; and what I thought about was how so many non-spectrum women bitch about their spectrum husbands after a few years of marriage and how they are going to die because the man isn't loving them the way they want. Heh. Last week on twitter I read somebody's quote: Men marry expecting their wives to never change and are surprised when they do. Women marry expecting their husbands to change and are surprised when they don't. But let's get back to the novel.
The novel includes fun helpings of physics and programming and computing, almost all of it without any math for the mathphobes among you. It includes a death that hurts, personal clashes, friendship, and lots and lots of suspense. It is a quick and fun read. And except for most of us in elementary school, I can recommend the book to anyone who can tolerate the genre of suspense.