Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A little grumpy. A little squeee.

Today I'm feeling a little grumpy because I am going through the novels in the Tales of Talifar series (set in Josh Foreman's universe) and breaking apart as many long sentences as possible into little snippets. Because. Today's readers can't read long sentences.
I'm also a bit squeee. I had a lunch date with a lady in my Sunday School Class, and we are having wonderful times with each other. She is interested in literature and almost everything else in the world. She didn't run away even when I got on my obsessive monologue about introducing new crops into Rwanda. And she loves art! We set another date for next week at a Thai restaurant, and then a tour through art stores. After Mom died and another friend got a job, I've had no one to go to art stores with. I am looking forward to this.
Now, back to breaking sentences.