Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finished Atlas Shrugged

I finally finished the longest book in the world. Well, maybe. I have never read Remembrance of Time Past by Proust. And I don't remember if I've read War and Peace or not. I've read a lot of Russian novels, and the fact that every character has at least four names keeps me confused. Back to Atlas: I found out what my husband was laughing about when he was listening on his MP3, among other things was that long speech by John Galt. He kept thinking about what the average radio listener would have thought will hearing that speech. Mostly, "What?" "Did he say cannibals? I'm not a cannibal. Why is he talking about Africa?" "What did he say?" "Is he ever going to shut up?"       I am so glad that libertarians have simplified the meaning of the book. Ayn's philosophy works well in a society composed only of healthy single adults without children.

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