Sunday, March 2, 2014

Review of GHOST by Wayne Thomas Batson

I generally don't care for supernatural thrillers, but for some reason the story caught my interest and kept it to the end. John Spector was someone I wanted to spend time with.
At times the violence was overwhelming, and as with all supernatural thrillers for me, there were lots of unanswered questions about the interaction of spiritual and physical worlds. What does it mean for an angel to be killed? I still don't know.
If, like me, you don't care for supernatural thrillers, you might try this one and find that you like it for the same reason I did: John Spector is a great character. If you do like supernatural thrillers, I'll bet you will like this one, too.


  1. Hi, Lelia, thank you for the kind review AND esp. for giving GHOST a read in the first place. Book 2 should be out this July. :-D

  2. I look forward to that. Keep me apprised.