Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My book, Pilgrimage

My book, Pilgrimage, is the second book I wrote that does not deserve to be strangled in its cradle. Since I do not think the book is commercially viable, I have put it up myself on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Smashwords etc.
I wrote the book while we lived in Japan (which is when I also wrote and sold to Damon Knight the short story Hope) on Yokota AFB. That would be in the first years of the nineteen eighties. I remember my husband reading a draft of the book and telling me no one would believe it. "Believe what?" I asked, thinking how instantaneous travel through hoops was fairly outrageous. "That the Soviet Union would fall apart," he answered. "Of course, it will," I answered. "And after the next oil war, there will be a water war. And after that, a war with Islam." Heh, I got one of them right. I still haven't seen the water war, and what we did not understand was that Islam had already declared war with the West when Iran occupied the US Embassy and took all those Americans hostage. There were over the years more and more acts of terrorism, almost as if the Jihadists were screaming, "What do we have to do to get your attention?" Well, knocking down the Twin Towers got our attention . . . Back to the book.
This version is about 80,000 words shorter than the original version. I hope I'm learning not to let invention take over the story. Invention is Why I read SF, but maybe not the reason everyone else reads SF.
A warning to those who hate religion: there is Christianity in this book, as well as other religions. For people who like to play with ideas, even religious ones, this book might be a lot of fun for you.

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