Monday, November 15, 2010

Reading some more books

On my treadmill is Making Culture by Andy Crouch. I am going through it slowly, for I watch the Animal Planet channel while walking, and during the commercials read about culture and permutations. Sometimes I would like to watch another channel but something has happened to either the TV or the remote and I can't change the channel. So why don't I fix the problem? Because it's easier to let it go than to figure out (possibly) how to solve the problem.

The best book I've read lately is Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey: The RIVER of DOUBT. A riveting story of the intersections of cultures and physical difficulties. I have always admired Teddy Roosevelt. Now I see that he had some psychological quirks, perhaps even problems. And I feel so badly about his son for whom there was not adequate medication then, and ended his glorious life badly.

The Aedyn Chronicles   Chosen Ones  by McGrath: I loved the full cover illustration, the many drawings inside to text, the subtle page illustration at the beginning of each chapter. But the, ah, imitation of C.S.Lewis?, the something of the text made it hard slogging. I tried twice to finish it and could not make myself do it. When the main character proclaims the Truth is not always logical, I gave myself permission to quit. I'm sorry Mr. McGrath. I wanted to love the book, and I'm sure many people will, but I was not one of them.

Legacy by R.A. Salvatore: Lots of Plot, fun to read. Set in a universe that seems like hell to me.

Cryoburn by Lois McMaster Bujold: more wonderful adventure of one of the most enjoyable heros: Miles.

The Secret of the Swamp King by Jonathan Rogers: Almost as much fun as The Bark of the Bog Owl. I thought it would end with the hero crowned as king, but ended up with Saul casting out David, metaphorically. I look forward to the third book.

Breathing Lessons by Anne Tyler: I enjoyed the writing but not the story about people who would not give each other any space or forgiveness at all.

Abiding Darkness by John Aubrey Anderson: I enjoyed it, then the miracles got to be a lot and the hero more Christ-like than Christ. It's hard to explain this southern story. One weeps at the end.l

The Bad Place by Dean Koontz: more thrills


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