Friday, January 31, 2014

Eating and Not Eating

OK, so I had my first appointment at the Coumadin Clinic to have my coumadin levels checked. It had been too long since the last check, but my doctor moved and I had to switch and make new appts etc. Anyway, I was given a list of things not to eat while we wait for the blood clot in my arm (post operation cochlear implant) to dissolve. I am not to eat green leafy vegetables because of their high vitamin K content. I looked at the list and wanted to cry. All I've eaten the last two months is green leafy veggies, nuts, and meat. I've lost forty-five pounds, which is good, but I'm not happy with such an unbalanced diet. But it is at present the only way I can keep my blood sugar at 100 and keep at bay the allergy reactions that have made me so sick for so many years. So, now I'm down to ..... nuts and meat?   So, searching the zero glycemic lists again: there's, well, cucumber. Eggplant. Probably cauliflower despite being so closely related to broccoli which is on the forbidden list. Olives aren't zero, but they're pretty low. I like olives. I'll work out something.

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