Thursday, January 9, 2014

A couple weeks post-cochlear activation

I'm told that in six months I will be so glad I had a cochlear implant. Maybe. Right now I'm not. Post surgery I developed a blood clot in my arm (which all medical people say they have never seen before!) and then the stitches got infected. And what I listen to all day is that sound of a needle scratching a vinyl record, static, and tinnitus. What I am not hearing is the human voice. I do hearing exercises with a downloaded DVD, and fail miserably at all the exercises. I cannot tell the difference between a frog and a jet. I can seldom tell the difference between a male and a female voice. All words sound like louder static with a snarl. Yesterday I was finally able to hear some difference between some pure tones. And I was finally able to hear the difference between a drum and a flute. But not a flute and anything else in the orchestra. In real life I can finally hear the turn signal. Somehow I am not fluttering with joy over that. I had hoped to be hearing by the end of March so I could go to the Realm Makers writing conference and understand the speakers. I'm guessing that's not gonna happen. Can you tell I'm depressed?

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