Friday, January 18, 2013

Busy busy : draft of a post I forgot to publish from last year

The weeds are outpacing me, so I think I'll buy a yard of barkdust and bury them!

So we got Dad in assisted living, and he likes it! And he attends chapel at the new place too! As my sister said, maybe we have misinterpreting Dad.  And my husband and I have been digging up rocks and trying to help empty out the house. I've been keeping up the little flower gardens, hoping that will help sell the house.

Our houseguest, now in rehabilitation and never coming back home, is looking poorly. We think he may be hallucinating from the pain meds as Dad did when he first broke his neck. He keeps asking for more stuff from his room and we keep running said stuff to him. And I had to buy him some more sweat pants. Most of his clothes are church wear

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