Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review of Wind and Shadow by Kathy Tyers

I am a fan of Kathy Tyers. I especially liked Shivering World and wish I had the guts to ask her to let me turn it into a screenplay I offer to a movie maker in my son's church. I enjoyed her thoughtful Truce at Bakura and her other space operas.
Wind and Shadow is her latest, set in the Firebird universe with lots of action and suspense and musical references. I have no idea how she could follow up the ending. Or maybe I could, as she has made the altered people a despised minority in an Empire. And you know what Empires do to people who bother them.....
If you like derring-do and space operas at all, I cannot tell you how much you will enjoy the exciting Wind and Shadow. The characters are fun to follow and believable in their motivations. There is definite evil, but not all the conflict is evil vs. good. In fact, most of the conflict is flawed good vs flawed good vs flawed good. A definite recommend.

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