Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ruth moved in!

Ruth has moved in and I am so happy. I'm sorry for her mother losing her, but I am happier at gaining her. In place of rent money, she will do clean-up around the house. Yay!! She is trying to get a job doing care for a friend's disabled child. She prunes. (have I got a hedge for you!) She has her AA and is trying to make enough money to go to massage school. I'm wondering if she could make some money taking care of our 85 yr old houseguest. I refused to be his aide. I make a crappy nurse and I would rather just be his friend.

I've been having fun with my kindle reading machine. When I can't breathe because of this present cold, I have fun in my bed ordering sample chapters for free and like magic, they appear in the machine. That is so cool. I've also read a number of free "eh" books on the machine and then deleted them and right now I can't remember titles or authors.
Oh, I finished Jeffrey Overstreet's Auralia's Colors whilst at sons' house for Christmas. Very good and very different. I left it for my grandsons to read. I have ordered the second book now.

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