Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Such a beautiful fall

Such a beautiful fall here with cold nights, cool mornings a pleasure to work outside in, bright sunshine backlighting the leaves as they change color and watch the outliers detach and fall. I'm rearranging the border along the park fence in an attempt to keep leaves of my lovelies out of the spray zone.
Today I baked delicata squash from my garden and our houseguest ate the last of the apples from my dwarf trees. Everything is growing beautifully, except of course in the two death spots along the fence. What on earth did the previous homeowner  pour into the ground there?
Tonight we will go to an Imago Dei homegroup to see how we might fit in. Could this be a place that my husband can teach again? He feels like he is dying inside without an outlet for his gift of teaching. He quit Bible Quiz so that he could spend more time with me, but I'm wondering if that was a good idea.

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