Friday, February 26, 2010

A few more books

I finished Diabetes Type 2 & What To Do by Valentine and Toohey and this know-it-all learned a few things such as why I am hungry all the time and why losing weight is such a cumbrous process.
Connected   24 Hours In The Global Economy by Daniel Altman: Very interesting. Will I be able to retain the information I learned. Not likely. I don't have that kind of brain. So what kind of brain do I have? I always scored in the 99th and 98th percentiles of the Iowa basic skills test. So what? The tests are good predictors of how well you will take tests. They don't measure social smarts or musical smarts or body smarts or character traits such as perseverance or future state of health etc. Over the years I have managed to lengthen my three number short term memory to four numbers. Most people have a seven number short term memory. God made me the way he made me for His purposes, so I can't complain, but I sure wouldn't mind being given some social smarts. I just hurt my daughter-in-law again by being oblivious to nuances of things I say. I apologize, but I know I'll do it again sometime soon. Sigh. I hate hurting people.  Back to the original point. I don't understand things at the corporate and governmental level. I can cope with one on one most times. Groups are hopeless for me. After we leave a group meeting, my husband needs to explain what happened.
And I read some book about 20th century design that taught me nothing. I preferred From Your House To Bauhous.
Oh, and The Other by David Guterson: I love his elegant writing. I am about the same age as he and lived in Seattle for six years, from Ballard to the University District and back to Ballard again. So even though I did not care for a single character of his, I enjoyed going to all the places he mentioned and remembering the songs and events of that time, the 70s in the Pacific Northwest.
I am still working on Darwinian Fairytales which started out with arguments that sometimes seemed unfair and interesting but beside the point. Finally I realized that he was making a different point than I had anticipated. He was going after Malthus as interpreted by Darwinism. Now I'm in the part where the author is going after Dawkins and The Selfish Gene. I remember laughing all through The Selfish Gene, and I am enjoying reading someone who can explain why I was laughing a lot better than I can.

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