Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Amazing What an Earache can do

I had an earache for several weeks that finally quit and transferred to the other side. I let it go thinking it might go away too. Instead it got too painful for me to chew and my sinuses never stopped draining and I felt sick. Went into a clinic and feel much much better today except I still can't chew hard, so how am I supposed to eat all my veggies? What happens if you blend celery? I'm about to find out. The sun is coming out so I think I'll go out and throw around some fertilizer.

I read The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind, Creating Currents of Electricity and Hope by William Kamkwambe and Bryan Mealer.   How do I get this into the hands of everybody in North America and force them to read it!  What a story!!!!!!!!!  Favorite quote from the book: "I try, and I make it."  His story about how a three shelf library became this poor and starving boy's university is exactly why I want to build libraries in Africa.

Finished Bitter Scent by Michael Bar-Zohar.  Yi, yi ,yi, how amazing how many Nazis still run the world. Reading about corporations merges and splits and boycotts reminded me of how I wanted to boycott Monsanto, a truly evil company. So I went online to find out what companies where owned by Monsanto but not carrying that name so that I could carry out a comprehensive boycott. Whew. Mergers and splits and mergers and splits so that at the end of the shell game, if I understood correctly, Monsanto stood alone as a company that only handled the lawsuits of previous incarnations.  Sheeee.......  Now, I love genetic engineering of crops, but I hate companies that sue farmers that live downwind from engineered crops and receive pollen they did not even want for their crops.  And I can't help but wonder if producing corn that kills caterpillars is why I can't find butterflies anywhere in this town, let alone my butterfly friendly yard. And how do the scientists that developed the killer seed technology sleep at night?

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