Tuesday, January 19, 2010

They came, they left.

It was so good to see Pastor Jeremie and Jane. But it was for such a short time. One supper, one drive to church the next day. They had so many people to see. I discovered they have been all over the U.S. for three months. Jeremie showed us pictures of the empty ground his church was trying to procure that Pastor Rob and I (and many others) had prayed over when we were in Bujumbura (how I love that name). Now there are school buildings on it and the president of Burundi had gone to the dedication of the schools. And he did receive the books for the beginning of a small library in his beginning seminary.  So I have started 11 school libraries in Rwanda and a seminary library in Burundi. Thank you, God.

Books read in the last few weeks:
Molt Brother by Jacqueline Lichtenberg: I liked this. Good aliens.
The Long Mynd by Edward Hughes: I liked the writing but it had an appalling ending that somehow a romance was supposed to make it all better.
Day of the Dragonstar by Bischoff and Monteleone: Reminded me of Jeremy Robinson's Antarctos Rising. The dinosaurs kill all your enemies, But Then...   Except Robinson has an intriguing interpretion of Genesis and Revelations.
The Restorer's Journey by Sharon Hinck: What an excellent Christian book about depression. Of course, that's not what the Plot is. You can never once think the word depression or home-bound illness and still enjoy the swords and sync-beams and poisoned daggers. My favorite line: I am His to waste. I am so sorry the trilogy is going out of print. I so enjoyed seeing a Housewife in a sf story.
I finished The Bookseller of Kabul. On my treadmill is Caravans by Michener. I've read The Kite Runner. I read the blogs of various people over there in Afghanistan. If I lived there, I think I would be desperately trying to live elsewhere.
Black Unicorn by Tanith Lee: poetic writing, a delight, and funny too.

I am working on Accedia and Me by Kathleen Norris.

I wish I hadn't read so many books. I wish I had spent all that time writing. But that is how it is for now. I fade by the afternoon and go to bed around 5. I have a lot of time between 5 and 9-10 to read. So I have joined Herbalife to lose weight because I don't do it by myself, and I'm on the treadmill for an hour or so a day. Unfortunately, I have to do it in the morning which is the only productive time I have. I start by reading heavy works like Accedia until my mind goes blank and then I pick up the stuff that is mostly plot.

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