Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I read some more.

Finished anthology Neutron Stars: had short story Love Among The Ruins by Evelyn Waugh, no date assigned to it but at least 40 years old: could have been written last week.
Finished Keeper of Dreams anthology by Orson Scott Card: amazingly good. Especially liked the notes after each story telling origin.
Working on Bitter Scent and On Combat
Reading in Galations. I have forgotten to mention where I am in the Bible when I post. I read a chapter every morning.
Wrote another page in Killing The Siij

Last week I put my daughter and granddaughter on a plane last week. She plans to make a new start half way across the country. I think it is a huge mistake and I fret (should be praying) about the safety of the two-year-old. Went on a chocolate binge.

We visited a friend in prison. Visited the sons in Kirkland. The one with ankylosing spondylitis was up and cheerful about some job interviews which did my heart good. Whenever I see him unable to move and in pain it breaks my heart. The eldest son is increasing his skill set at work, a dream of his. That and a silly thing like paying attention to his wife and children is keeping him from illustrating the trilogy I want to publish soon.
We got to see our grandbaby in Florida laughing on Skype, no, Facebook. This type of technology I love. But I do wish the telephones weren't so smart they can do a hundred things I can't tell them to do.

I have put off emailing to the pastors I support in Rwanda because I don't want to write them that I can't support them anymore as Frank's dental practice has lost so many patients for inexplicable reasons. Well, I know there's a recession, but goodness. He has commanded me to get a job so I am now waiting for the paperwork to go through the county and then I will provide respite care for my niece who is a companion home provider for my daughter. Just a little nepotism there.

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