Saturday, January 5, 2019

News Release from Geralyn Wichers

A local author’s new science fiction story has a deeply personal bent to it.
No, Geralyn Wichers has never helmed a covert expedition through an interdimensional portal, but like Charlane, exarmy officer and lead character, she never feels quite good enough.
“As women today, we face pressure from every side,” says Geralyn. “Be it our career hopes, expectations of family, or body image, it’s everywhere. It’s right on the phone in our hand. No wonder so many of us live with anxiety.”
Bridger: a Dystopian Serial is a science-fiction story told in episode form. It’s set in a world bled dry by global war and swiftly running out of resources. With her mental health and career in shambles, Char has left the army for a remote research facility.
But when a humanoid creature from another world appears, Char agrees to helm a covert mission to follow the creature back to his world. The mission: find new resources and gain an edge in the war. But an encounter with her estranged husband leaves Char torn between saving her country and saving the love she didn’t know still lived.
As she wrote, Geralyn felt a kinship with Char, who had given everything she had to advance her career.
“Char thought if she just got one more promotion, she’d feel worthy of love and respect,” Geralyn says. “In my own life, I catch myself thinking ‘if I would just lose a few pounds, if I would get nicer clothes, if I wasn’t working a deadend job—then people would like me.’”
But this isn’t a morality tale. Geralyn leads readers on a cross-world adventure full of danger, lies and romance. Visit to read and subscribe.

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