Tuesday, April 10, 2018

This is fun

Josh and I are plotting out a story about the varonvar (singular varon, adjective varonsi, possessive varonit) My son wanted me to write a political intrigue novel, and I always looked at him blankly. I can't figure out office politics. How am I going to figure out Game of Throne politics?
John Walker came out from Peoria to visit me, and while we were, not exactly brainstorming, but discussing his novel, I had the rush that comes from an idea! I know how to have a struggle for the emperor's throne in megaloth city be prodded by deliberate miscommunication by the hive mind messenger bugs. Yes!

I also finally found the box with my collection of norens in it. Now I'm trying to think where to place them. Best beloved wants some of them to go inside the front windows to help block the view of the house that has the view of the lake. He liked how I put window film on the lower parts of the east windows, thereby blocking the view of the neighbor's car repair yard but let's us see through the clear uppers the trees and skies we do like to see. Two of my favorites are still missing. Maybe I'll find them in the next fifty boxes.

Well, time to get back to building the models for the Auxiliary Dwelling Unit for our autistic daughter and her caregiver. I got tired of going outside and waving at the bumpy ground while trying to figure out what best beloved means with his hand waving, so I'm building scale models. So why did I pay so many thousands of dollars three years ago for the plans we're not going to use now? I dunno, but the builder says he has a better idea. We'll see.

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