Saturday, February 15, 2014

Review of To Save Two Worlds: (is twice as much fun) by A. J. Bakke

This gently humorous story about really little people is captivating on several levels. Kale, one of the really little people, has an anxiety disorder in a society that is surrounded by anxiety-provoking dangers. During a hunting trip, he runs into a brand new danger and ends up possessed by sparkles with an agenda, and they will do whatever they have to to Kale to make sure he fulfills it. Among the things they do is earn him exile, and that exile leads to many adventures.
I knocked a couple stars off the rating for this book for two reasons. One is my personal grumpiness about typos. They are not overwhelming, and I have a hunch most readers won't even notice the typos that aroused my ire, but they annoyed me. Two is one of the characters, a LARPer, who is charming, likable, and fun until she commits such a great evil that I was mentally spitting on her for the rest of the book. You could make the point that she goes on to make up for the evil by the many very good things she does. She also suffers some loss, but I did not see her repent of her evil anywhere. Still, at the end, she saves many lives.
The book has a satisfying ending with some wonderful thread wrap-ups.
If you are the type of reader who thinks description gets in the way of the story, or if you demand adrenaline-fueled thrillers, this is not your book. If, on the other hand, you like immersing yourself in fantasy worlds and enjoy stories written in complete sentences, this sweet book might be what you need for a rainy afternoon. If you are the type of person who posts pictures of cute kitties and frantic squirrels on FaceBook, then odds are high that you will enjoy To Save Two Worlds. This book will also make a lovely gift for the high school who doodles fairies and kitties in their notebooks.

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