Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 28, 2013

After men worked 11 hrs in 90 degrees to load the cargo container, we have a multiply punctured driveway, trash everywhere, piles of stuff that didn't fit in, etc. Then this morning a weigh station called and said the container is overweight. Now my husband must round up some people to help him unload 1,200 lbs of stuff. The first to be jettisoned are Gary Friesen's books. Sorry, Gary. They will go back into our garage and then we don't know what. It is a wonderful thing to be helping with the building of the Kim Foreman Bible Institute in Huye (Butare) Rwanda, next to the National University of Rwanda, but if we had known we would have so many setbacks (much more than mentioned here) we might have passed on the honor.

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