Saturday, December 1, 2012

Review of The Reunion by Dan Walsh

The Reunion is one of the three books sent to me by Dan Walsh after I entered one of his giveaway promotions. I'm so glad I won because I found a new author I enjoy reading.
The book has one of the cutest covers I have ever seen: Title and name in a red box against a green canopy of trees, and below that a red trailer house with red curtains and a string of Christmas lights along the top. The skinny door makes me doubt I could enter easily. In front sit two directors chairs with green backs, and in front of them rise a marching horde of green weeds.
Aaron Miller, the main character and Vietnam war vet, does not get to live in that cute trailer; he lives in a storage shed of a trailer park and is the maintenance man. No one knows he is a war hero, except for the three war buddies who want to find him and bring him to their annual reunion. They hire a reporter for the search.
There is some romance, bleh, but not for Aaron, also but not so much that those of us who hate romance (in books, not real life) will find it hard to bear. At the end, there are multiple reunions and fantasy happy endings etc. A feel good book. I like feel good books. It even has a funny explosion in it. If you are getting a little tired of the dreary you are reading, try one of Dan Walsh's books.
I am giving this book to a Viet Nam vet friend of ours. I think he will enjoy the gentle love for all our vets.

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